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EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the Czech Republic

The seventeenth EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards has been held at Žofín Palace in Prague. This year was absolutely innovative in terms of technology.

Zlatý Volant 2016_124


The 40th jubilee of the Golden Steering Wheel awards took place in Prague. The golden evening of the motor sport was truly interesting this year as Mika Häkkinen and Miss Czech Republic 2016 were in attendance.


CET 21 Christmas Party

We provided a business party for Nova for the third time, this time with many original changes. See for yourself what business partners and clients of the company experienced at Žofín.



At the end of November, we technologically secured the Advent evening in the Industrial Palace on the exhibition grounds in Prague’s Holešovice. See for yourself what light design was created by AV MEDIA.


Žofín Was Covered in Orange Colour

350 representatives of an English company met at Žofín in early October to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding.

Hilton Party_Alenka_286

Alice in Wonderland Visited the Hilton Hotel

The Caterpillar, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Alice and many other guests from the fabulous world appeared at a magical party at the Hilton at the end of June.



The Bohemia Jazz Fest, one of the biggest jazz festivals in Europe, offered a lot of quality music and AV MEDIA was there to see it through.

OTIS 2016_001

Otis Introduced New Elevator Interiors

A hundred key clients gathered to celebrate the successful operation of the company Otis on the Czech market in the garden at Žofín Palace in May. Also, a new series of elevator designs was introduced.



The Pilsner Urquell business conference was held this year in Karlovy Vary and AV MEDIA took their traditional role of taking care of technical support throughout the event.



Why be a clone when we are each unique? This was the question asked by TONI & GUY, which organized a unique project called DE: CLONE at the Slavic House in Prague in mid-April.

Vítězky soutěže Česká Miss 2016_

Czech Miss 2016

The Municipal House in Prague turned into the most beautiful place in the Czech Rep. in early April, when the Czech Miss 2016 finalists competed for the crown of beauty which was eventually won by Andrea Bezděková.

EY Podnikatel 2015_056_small

EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

The ceremonial announcement of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 Czech Republic took place at the already traditional Žofín Palace in Prague at the beginning of March.

Pronájem a půjčení světel, zvuku a pódiové techniky pro společenské akce, plesy, předávání cen

AV technologies bring spirits to any social event

We offer rental solutions for gala dinners, celebrations or sports events, as well as receptions, political meetings, prize awarding ceremonies, balls and plenty of other types of social events. AV technologies bring spirits to any event.

  • A creative topic in combination with an interesting agenda provide for an unforgettable atmosphere for the guests. Rented technologies will further enhance such experience. Quality sound, lighting and projection create an even stronger impression.
  • Projection on topical decorations and exterior or interior videomapping are apt to appeal to the guests. At the same time, they convey your message in an unconventional and distinctive way. Interactive technologies leave in your visitors a memory of uncommon entertainment.
  • We are ready to provide for a fast rental of technologies when short deadlines need to be met. However, a discussion about the aspects of a future event in due time beforehand can reveal a plenty of useful information also for the event organizer.
  • We can rent the equipment and organize any event not only within the Czech Republic, but also abroad. We are not limited to Europe, as our technologies and staff have already been tested by specific conditions for instance in Turkey, China or Russia.


Be inspired!


You wish to have your event running to your expectations, with no unnecessary troubles? Leave the responsibility to the AV MEDIA professionals, who will provide for everything!

AV MEDIA, the leading supplier of technological services for conferences, has decided to enter the world of IT support for events.

We approach each customer taking into consideration their individual needs. Hotel operations can make use of our 24/7 support in all aspects associated with AV technologies.

You need an advice with technical AV production? You do not know which technical solution is the right one for your contents and your particular space? Specialists from AV MEDIA will tell you.


Make use of advanced imaging systems and choose a projection surface for your event! AV MEDIA offers projectors, screens, displays and other equipment for your perfect image for any occasion.

Besides modern imaging, adequate sound is an inseparable part of any presentation. Our powerful technologies provide a professional sound for any event!

Lights and light effects play an important role in the overall impression from an event. A sophisticated structure of light effects can create the right atmosphere for your unique event.

Go with the time and do not be afraid of using interactive presentation tools. Make your guests entertained by interactive games or modern presentation tools offered by AV MEDIA.

Turn your projection surface into stage. With decorative elements, props and a platform, your event will look brilliantly. Prepare an uncommon experience for your visitors!

Talk face to face to your partners anywhere in the world. Thanks to our remote communication technologies, you can share image, sound, data, presentations and multimedia disregarding the distance.

Every projection requires a quality signal. You may want to project a PowerPoint presentation, pictures or a movie. Any event deserves a quality office equipment.

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