Online roadshow in oneAVstudio

The first part of the Denik Roadshow took place in our oneAVstudio in October. A month later in our studio various stories were told again.

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CISCO Video Conferencing - Preparation = Half the Success!

Another conference moved to the virtual space with us!. Cisco hosted a virtual conference for its partners at our Cubex Virtual Studio.

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Our studios are widely used for virtual events nowadays. That is currently the only way how not to cancel your events, but only to move them to another environment. There is no need to travel to Prague, we can also

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POPAI on a green screen in Cubex

POPAI Central Europe is the Central European branch of the world association POPAI. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support marketing at the point of sale.



Organizing virtual events is now a part of our daily routine. We miss large stages and crowds of people in front of them. But we can adapt to the current conditions!


Hybrid conference for AVON

We organized the traditional conference as a hybrid event for 1,000 people!


Annual railway conference 2020

Tyden-inovaci-2020 (101)

Czech week of innovation 2020


Vyšehradské Fórum 2020

The eighth year of the largest conference on investments in the Czech Republic took place on 22th October 2020 and now we can include it on our list. of successful virtual events.


12th annual Project management conference

A hybrid conference can quickly respond to current changes and regulations.


The conference EVENT(UALLY!)

The first hybrid event in KCP!



Pragues hockey club Sparta can not fight on the ice right now because of the current situation. Thanks to oneAVstudio they can keep in touch with their fans even now.

Pronájem a půjčení světel, zvuku a pódiové techniky pro konference a kongresy

We are in search of the right solution for any conference

Our services do not include only rentals of equipment, but also covering the overall technological aspects of conferences and congresses. We will provide for projection, sound, lighting, interpreting and polls. Our proposed solution will be the right one, and we will install it and attend to it.

  • Not only Prague, but the entire Czech Republic is strengthening its position of an attractive place for organising international congresses and conferences. A large portion of their organizers lease the technologies, as their transportation is not economically feasible.
  • AV MEDIA offers rentals of conference equipment and continuously generates innovative ideas on unconventional applications in modern audiovisual technologies. We shall be happy to advise on selecting appropriate projection surfaces and other AV equipment in order to capture the attention of participants.
  • We provide technologies and their operation tailored to your needs, selecting appropriate AV technologies depending on the focus of presented materials, the conference agenda and the expected number of participants.
  • AV MEDIA rents projection screens, overhead data projectors, audio equipment and other audiovisual technologies. We are ready to determine the number of required projections according to the distribution of participants in the hall, as well as the overall technical requirements of a conference.


How ALSO your conference can look like?


You wish to have your event running to your expectations, with no unnecessary troubles? Leave the responsibility to the AV MEDIA professionals, who will provide for everything!

AV MEDIA, the leading supplier of technological services for conferences, has decided to enter the world of IT support for events.

We approach each customer taking into consideration their individual needs. Hotel operations can make use of our 24/7 support in all aspects associated with AV technologies.

You need an advice with technical AV production? You do not know which technical solution is the right one for your contents and your particular space? Specialists from AV MEDIA will tell you.


Make use of advanced imaging systems and choose a projection surface for your event! AV MEDIA offers projectors, screens, displays and other equipment for your perfect image for any occasion.

Besides modern imaging, adequate sound is an inseparable part of any presentation. Our powerful technologies provide a professional sound for any event!

Lights and light effects play an important role in the overall impression from an event. A sophisticated structure of light effects can create the right atmosphere for your unique event.

Go with the time and do not be afraid of using interactive presentation tools. Make your guests entertained by interactive games or modern presentation tools offered by AV MEDIA.

Turn your projection surface into stage. With decorative elements, props and a platform, your event will look brilliantly. Prepare an uncommon experience for your visitors!

Talk face to face to your partners anywhere in the world. Thanks to our remote communication technologies, you can share image, sound, data, presentations and multimedia disregarding the distance.

Every projection requires a quality signal. You may want to project a PowerPoint presentation, pictures or a movie. Any event deserves a quality office equipment.

You need advice?
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