GIS Esri 30th anniversary, for the second time online

The Esri GIS conference in the Czech Republic celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.


Staropramen staff conference in oneAVstudio

Employee conferences are an important event for many companies.


Virtual event for two countries

Although it seems like the world stopped moving a year ago, many companies are still getting used to the online environment.


Annual staff conference - from a live event to a virtual meeting

The motto of recent months not only for our company has been prepare for anything.

MicrosoftTeams-image (25)

The first on-line stream for Marie Claire

We get a lot of questions from our clients with any sort of requests.


Untraditional christmas webinar


Online roadshow in oneAVstudio

The first part of the Denik Roadshow took place in our oneAVstudio in October. A month later in our studio various stories were told again.


Vyšehradské Fórum 2020

The eighth year of the largest conference on investments in the Czech Republic took place on 22th October 2020 and now we can include it on our list. of successful virtual events.

Hybrid events in brand new studio!

We are introducing a unique solution for your events - mulfunctional oneAVstudio. Studio equipped with modern technology and operated by professionals is located in our rehearsal space in Harfa can be used not only for the following occasions:

  • live broadcasting with remote hosts
  • talkshows, podcasts
  • conferences, corporate meetings with remote branches
  • interactive webinars, workshops
  • distance education
  • gala events 
  • concerts 


For the best results possible we provide 6 basic types of studio solution. Based on individual needs, we can install reading devices or other intelligent lights. It is also possible to work with dynamic background and other graphic elements such as infographics etc. In oneAVstudio we can create such projects as these created in real TV studio.

The studio is designed not only for participants in the studio, but thanks to online communication tools such as Skype, Webex etc., we are able to connect with external participants.


The studio in 13 × 6 metre space is equipped with our modern technology:
  • LED wall size 12×3,5 m with resolution of 3 051×896px
  • complete lighting park from ROBE
  • two Panasonic classic and robotic cameras
  • technology for signal processing – server Coolux, graphic directionBarcoE2 and video directionPanasonic
  • four BMHyperdeck recorders
  • computer technology for editing and handling presentations
  • live content sharing devices with a dedicated, stable Internet connection
  • complete sound system with a full range of microphones

We would like to be your partner while planning upcoming events. Let´s start together!

Contact us: +420 724 444 163, +420 724 437 819 or


We always try to find the best solution meeting the needs of every individual customer. We offer partnerships aimed at ongoing development.


Interactive SMART board brings new opportunities to teaching. It is integrated with a computer and touch-sensitive. Touch control of applications and entering text with digital ink make it easy.

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