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The only ones in Central Europe!

Petra Fialová | 11. 11. 2019

We react to the high demand for high-resolution 4K by purchasing another unique graphics processor BARCO E2 Tri-Combo. We have become the only one in Central Europe with these processors.

Why are we glad that we own this unique processor?

And why do you need it?

Processor BARCO E2 Tri-combo can manage the biggest LED screen directly at the event venue.  It works with a “Life management” system. That means you get live content generated directly at the event venue, from cameras or from different signal source, to the screen.  We can capture happening from several places, for example conference spots, with everything broadcast to the main hall at the same time. Thus, we can create big video walls, which can be controlled live and engage the audience by image effects such as enlargement and reduction or their moving during action. These effects are known from content, which you create in advance in a graphics studio.  An advantage of the “Life management” system is the flexibility of image design during your event. The processor disposes many inputs and outputs.

 Currently, we have three of this unique modular multi-image graphic processors available. These processors support 4K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate. Many units labeled 4K work with 30Hz refresh rate only. 60Hz rate refresh picture 60 times per second, 30Hz refresh picture 30 times per second only. Due to the double refresh rate, this processor guarantees a high quality and fluent picture. Nowadays, 4K resolution is a necessity for the big screen. The difference between resolution FullHD and 4K is very significant for larger LED wall. Theoretically, we could compare it to a difference between resolution SD and FullHD for home televisions. More information about resolution 4K on our web HERE.

Thanks to your requirements, we create LED wall sizes to ever larger sizes. One processor E2 Tri-Combo manages up to five 4K pictures, but believe it or not, sometimes it is not enough. For this case, we can combine these processors and increase the number of 4K60p video outputs to 10 or even 15.  Screens of this huge size are impossible ignore and if the screens are accompanied by high resolution, your event will be absolutely unique.

If you need to present different sources of video signals, want to create custom layouts with live compositions, or you just want to the biggest LED wall with the highest quality, the processor E2 Tri-Combo is the right choice. Moreover, thanks to our qualified service we can guarantee the smooth running of your event.

We also have four units of the processor BARCO S3-4K and three units of Event controller BARCO EC-50. With all these devices, we have become the company with the highest number of presentation switcher in Central Europe.

For more info visit manufactures website HERE.

 Video: https://youtu.be/kkO1QgjTK5A

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