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Vista wellness hotel

Helena Slavikova | 17. 11. 2014

The newly erected four star Vista wellness hotel attracts by its inviting atmosphere in the middle of a ski centre set in a beautiful mountain valley. You will find relaxation, entertainment and modern congress areas.

Comfortable environment and inviting atmosphere

The overall hotel facility is equipped with an integrated modern sound system inducing an agreeable atmosphere by its discrete music and contributing to a comfortable impression. Guests are accompanied by background music along all the corridors, in the lifts and in the common areas Important is not only the melody, but also the technology, thanks to which the music resounds throughout the facility. Though you may not notice the speakers, because their appearance blends into the hotel’s modern environment, their quality is on top. The audio equipment is intended for a 24/7 operation. Its control is extremely simple and intuitive, which is appreciated for instance at the wellness reception desk, from where the music can be easily sent to individual zones. Pleasant music will accompany you not only during your massage, in the swimming pool or whirlpool, in the sauna or fitness centre, but also at the reception area, restaurant, lobby bar and relaxation zone. The sound for these acoustically separated areas can be extremely easily determined from a single computer, for instance from the main reception desk.

HOTEL is fully equipped with professional technologies

Every room of the Vista hotel is equipped with an LCD screen enabling the visitors to review their accounts within the entire Dolní Morava resort and see the reservation opportunities of individual common, sports or relaxation areas, or watch TV broadcasting. The reservation system is automatically updated every 10 minutes, thus providing to visitors up to date information. 160 TV sets are installed within the overall premises, mostly interconnected based on an IP TV system. Security is enhanced by a sophisticatedly distributed camera system detecting individual areas throughout the entire hotel. Devotees of winter sports will surely appreciate a camera located at the ski slope, thanks to which they can comfortably check the queue for the adjacent ski tow. Additional cameras are installed at the Slaměnka hut, on the hill towering above the Vista hotel (1424 m), as well as at the congress area, monitoring the conference just taking place. The staff of the Vista wellness hotel have been professionally trained in order to be able to use the AV equipment also in case of unexpected situations. Trained have been not only the technical personnel, but also bartenders and receptionists, who are now able to use the technology in order to create un unforgettable atmosphere.

Variable congress environment with contemporary equipment

The hotel facility contains 5 conference rooms Morava I to V and the Cohiba gentleman’s club. Thanks to a variability of spatial arrangement, the conference rooms can be used for a wide range of events. The main large Morava I hall with a capacity of up to 165 seats can be easily extended for other 3 smaller rooms using mobile partitions, thus creating a single large area with up to 260 seats. All the rooms are equipped with professional audiovisual technologies including an AV signal digital distribution system, by means of which (if desired by the client) signals with atypical resolutions can be distributed. The congress centre is operated by a control system either for the overall centre or for individual rooms or the gentleman’s club. Touch panels of the control system offer an extremely easy and intuitive operation, with a well structured graphical arrangement of individual functions. Top quality projection and comprehensible sound provide an agreeable experience to conference guests.

The grand hall is equipped with comprehensive HD projection including integrated sound and an adequate number of connecting points to meet the needs of users or rental agencies. The main hall also contains a swivelling preview ceiling camera that can monitor the event taking place. The area in front of the conference centre is equipped with visualizers of the data digital distribution system, on which the event in the hall can be followed, as well as camera images and other IP TV channels.

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