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AV MEDIA and Microsoft have launched the Right School campaign

Helena Slavikova | 11. 12. 2014

Prague, 11 December 2014

The Right School campaign promoting modern technologies in elementary schools is a joint project by AV MEDIA and Microsoft due to run till March of the next year. It includes an online campaign, a promotional video shown in cinemas, and the specialized web site www.spravnaskola.cz presenting the opportunities of these technologies when used in teaching.

The objective of the campaign is to stimulate discussion among parents on whether their child attends a school, in which modern technologies are appropriately used. How such a right school should look like is depicted in an inspiring video shown in cinemas and available at www.spravnaskola.cz. When modern technologies are involved, learning becomes fun and children remember more from it. On the web site, parents can become inspired by pictures and videos from schools that have already introduced modern technologies, and vote on whether their particular school looks similarly.

“Typical examples of technologies, with which already children can intuitively work, include tablets. At school, they can be employed for a rich, interactive teaching, while at home the students can use them for reading, repetition or homework. Besides interactive boards, tablets have already been introduced to teaching by hundreds of schools and we are really interested to see the results of voting by parents on whether their child attends a right school,” says Tomáš Přáda, AV MEDIA’s Marketing Manager.

The Right School campaign demonstrates the ways for making use of tablets in home activities, as well as their possible integration with interactive boards. All the students can easily connect to these boards by means of their mobile phones or tables, or work with the board as with a touch display, or still use colour markers or react via a software responding to their gestures. “This results in involving the whole class into the learning process thanks to modern technologies enabling the children work on a shared task. On the other hand, teachers are better informed about what is happening in the classroom and can better control the course of lessons,” adds T. Přáda.

On a long term basis, AV MEDIA is active in introducing modern technologies to schools and offers a wide range of proven school products and entire solutions, from multimedia classrooms, interactive classrooms and digital classrooms to student devices. An example of this can be the elementary school and kindergarten in Krouna, where AV MEDIA provided equipment for nine stem classrooms with modern technologies, as well as for several additional specialized rooms, in which interactive teaching including interactive textbooks is a matter of course. The school makes use of interactive boards, tablets, a Robotel language lab, visualizers or SMART Response polling equipment.

Read more about the project at www.spravnaskola.cz.

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