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Teach Languages Better conference 2015

Karolina Napravilova | 27. 3. 2015

Teach Languages Better conference 2015

In the second half of March, Brno and Teplice saw the third Teach Languages Better (Učíme jazyky lépe) conference focused on language teaching methods.

The Teach Languages Better conference is intended as an encounter of English and German language teachers on all the levels of elementary and secondary schools and universities dedicated, among other topics, to language teaching in digital Robotel language labs. 

What was in store for its partakers?

  • Practical demonstrations of language teaching in the environment of digital language labs
  • Availability of teachers’ language exercises for students from their homes – Homework Module
  • BYOD – turn a student’s telephone/tablet into a student station in a language class
  • Methodological workshops for language teaching
  • Latest contents offered by textbook editors for language teaching



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