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AV MEDIA offers compact systems of decentralized sound including discussion microphones intended for discussion management, integrated distribution of interpreting or system-based polling options. Audioconference systems guarantee the maximum level of comprehensibility independently on surrounding acoustic conditions.

Client units are equipped with microphones in order to enhance comprehensibility, achieve the maximum quality of audio outputs and avoid undesirable noises. The units also contain a speaker, with the decentralized arrangement providing for the maximum comprehensibility.

Teleconference systems

  • Teleconference systems facilitate teleconference meetings and provide for a good comprehensibility and audibility for each group of participants.

Discussion systems

  • To hear and to be heard – this is the essential requirement on technical equipment of discussion areas and meeting rooms. Discussion systems provide to each active participant a good quality of voice detection and a comprehensible reproduction of inputs from other participants. Moreover, a system solution supports an active management of the number of discussing participants, giving the floor or recording the event.

Conference systems

  • These systems extend discussion systems for system-based distribution of interpreting, integration with polling and a complete administration of integration with IT technologies. The systems can be installed as built-in units, table top solutions or mobile wireless sets.

Interpreter workplaces

  • Professional interpreting is based on a separate interpreter booth equipped with interpreter units. As required and depending on the duration of individual speeches, interpreters noiselessly change, assisted by the most recent equipment.

Distribution of interpreting

  • If the distribution of interpreting should remain limited to a particular area or room, infrared (IR) digital distribution is used. Every participant tunes the receiver to the required translation and individually adjusts the volume.
AV MEDIA recommends audioconference equipment from Polycom, Televic, Bosch, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic:

Polycom   Televic   Bosch   Sennheiser   Beyerdynamic


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