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Digital cinemas

Projectors for cinemas based on the DCI standard are specialized projection systems intended for projection of premiere Hollywood and Czech 2D and 3D movies.

Projectors for digital cinemas based on the DCI standard are certified systems intended for projection of premiere movies in traditional cinemas and multiplexes. These projectors are characteristic with a high lumen output required for a classic 2D, but particularly for stereoscopic or 3D projections. Projectors are offered in a high 2K resolution and ultrahigh 4K resolution. With cinema projectors, a very high quality of the resulting image is required, which does not mean only a high resolution, but also an excellent rendering of colours, colour palette or contrast ratio. DCI cinema projectors fully meet these requirements and, without exaggerating, they can be currently considered the best quality imaging systems.

AV MEDIA supports the following brands:


  • The Christie Solaria DCI series is intended for an easy use and maximum dependability. These digital projectors feature a high brightness and a robust structure. Christie customers will also welcome low operating costs. Christie is the author of many innovative solutions in new cinema technologies, such as development of projectors for IMAX, participation in the Dolby Cinema concept, 6P laser projectors, high speed 3D (HFR), 4k solutions or the projector for future concept (HDR).

Christie has the highest share in the digital cinema market and AV MEDIA is the exclusive importer and certified service centre for this renowned brand.


  • Barco is a very significant manufacturer of projectors for digital cinemas. As an European company (Belgium), they know how to listen to European customers and prepare solutions to their full satisfaction. This is the reason that Barco’s portfolio offers the largest selection of DCI projectors from all certified DCI manufacturers. Any customer will choose from their range of 2K projectors intended for the smallest cinema rooms, as well as the most powerful projectors (a Guinness record). These projectors feature such technological details as dust resistant encapsulated imaging chips, washable air filters, or system modularity. AV MEDIA offers the entire portfolio of Barco projectors and other Barco products intended for cinemas (servers, Auro 11.1, ClickShare, …).


  • The Japanese manufacturer NEC offers plenty of highly interesting products for digital cinemas. The main advantage of this traditional manufacturer is a very favourable ratio between acquisition costs and useful value of NEC devices. NEC offers a complete palette of DCI 2K and 4K projectors for small and large premier cinemas. Particularly preferred among cinema customers are small comprehensive DCI projectors with a preinstalled NEC DCI server, which, thanks to a pair of user-exchangeable non-xenon lamps or a maintenance-free laser light source significantly save the operating costs of a small cinema.

Sony Digital Cinema

  • From the entry into power of the Hollywood DCI specification, Sony started to focus on DCI projectors featuring a 4K ultra high resolution. Thanks to that, these projectors became extremely interesting for a certain group of customers opting for image quality and marketing power of this Japanese manufacturer. At present, Sony offers to cinema customers not only a comprehensive range of DCI projectors, but also other cinema products such as 3D systems, DCI servers, accessories for disabled spectators or the latest trends related to high speed 3D HFR.
AV MEDIA recommends solutions for digital cinemas from Christie, Barco, NEC, Sony:

Christie   Barco   NEC   Sony


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