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  • Information technologies and IT products we deliver are inseparable parts our contemporary lives and include hardware, software, netware, ...
  • We work together with globally renowned technological leaders of particular industries, such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, LapCabby and many others. These joint activities generate partnerships helping us to deliver comprehensive, functional and efficient systems across our segment orientation for schools, integration projects, businesses, etc.
  • Our today’s product portfolio includes for instance desktops, workstations, servers based on Windows PRO, Windows Server or Linux, with optional office software such as Microsoft Office.
  • We certainly do not neglect mobile devices such as laptops or tablets that we deliver for instance for educational projects intended for enhancement of teaching, and we assist in building network infrastructures, into which we are ready to integrate our products.
  • We also actively contribute to deliveries of IT solutions for 3D projects, where extremely high computing capacities are required, and for which we use for instance HP workstations supported by NVidia QuadrO 6000 graphic cards.
  • We are ready not merely to deliver the above indicated and plenty of other products, but also provide consulting, selection of products appropriate for particular tasks, creating the required network infrastructure, warranty and post-warranty servicing, as well as other types of services.
AV MEDIA delivers IT products from Dell, Fujitsu, Acer, Microsoft, LapCabby, HP:

Dell   Fujitsu   Acer    Microsoft    LapCabby   HP


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