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Interactive boards

The interactive SMART board makes school teaching more attractive and business meetings more efficient. Touch control of applications and entering text with digital ink make working with it easy. All interactive boards are based on the DViT (Digital Vision Touch) high precision touch technology.

AV MEDIA brings interactive boards to schools, where they become a symbol of new ways of teaching. Integration of a SMART interactive board with computers and internet adapts the teaching to the needs of today’s learners and students, who are then fully involved. For school environments , interactive SMART boards are delivered together with the SMART Notebook teacher software, by means of which interactive exercises for particular topics can easily be created. Besides that, teachers can select for their students any of the 30,000 standard exercises available on the www.veskole.cz.

SMART Board 400

  • SMART Board 400 is the basic series of interactive boards enabling the students work individually or in couples. While working, they can use multitouch gestures.

SMART Board M600

  • SMART Board M600 is the modern, most favoured model of interactive boards at Czech schools. Unlike the preceding model, it offers a full support to simultaneous activities by two students, multitouch gestures and an intuitive bar for selection of the marker and its colour. Both students and teachers are provided with eraser pads, can use virtual keyboards and control by a mouse.

SMART Board 800

  • SMART Board 800 is the top model with a smart touch feature. The interactive board automatically identifies a finger touch intended for control, a marker touch for writing and an eraser pad or palm for erasing.

AV MEDIA recommends interactive boards from SMART Technologies:

SMART Board M600   SMart Board 800     SMART Board 480 

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