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Interactive floor

Interactive floor encourages collaboration and develops children’s communication skills.

Interactive Magic Box is device supporting collaboration and developing children’s communication skills. It is suitable for kindergartens and lower primary schools.

It includes a high-performance PC with Wi-Fi connection and operating system Windows. You can use your current apps or buy new ones on it. A SMART Learning Suite package is installed on the computer to enable teachers to create interactive exercises that can be tailored to children's age and to specific subject. The teachers can also choose any of the more than 33,000 exercises already prepared at the portal www.veskole.cz.

Magic box

  • Easy-to-use mobile device with a working area of 200 x 125 cm
  • High-end interactive projector projects the image onto the floor or a special pad. Children control objects using two interactive pens
  • The computer is controlled by a simple electronic pen or a keyboard
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