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  • Products for students and pupils are today available in a variety of forms, from classic computers, 2-in-1 computers, laptops, chromebooks and tablets to the new All in One computers. An all-in-one is a device that has a computer directly integrated into a touchscreen monitor. It separately acts like a tablet, and after connecting a keyboard and mouse you get a full-featured desktop computer. It is suitable for individual and group learning. ProWise All in One Details
  • Products for Teachers are products with sufficient computing power to work with multiple applications simultaneously, such as traditional computers with two digital video outputs or laptops that facilitate learning through mobility.
  • Software is an integral part of the ICT platform in schools. A unified software environment for all users is important for both a teacher and students. This means in practice that we will help you with the transition from so-called perpetual licenses to a license lease model.
  • Network infrastructure is a necessity. Without a quality infrastructure, even the best student or teacher device will not perform as the user needs and teaching will not be effective. Network infrastructure today starts at the ISP provider’s input into the school and continues with the use of quality active elements providing both metallic and wireless connectivity, security features, and ends in the construction of metallic cabling to Cat5/6 standards.

We provide ICT accessories and peripherals, prints that may be helpful in the creation of the basic documents, then slowly growing 3D printing, which can convert the vision into a real tangible product, and, last but not least, security, which we maintain with the help of antivirus utilities and much more.


AV MEDIA delivers IT products from Dell, Fujitsu, Acer, Microsoft, LapCabby, HP:

Dell   Fujitsu   Acer    Microsoft    LapCabby   HP


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