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Pro-Cognitive Lighting

People are spending more and more time indoors under inadequate artificial lighting.

Yet full-spectrum sunlight, to which the human body is evolutionarily adapted, has an indispensable impact on health, performance and mental well-being, while enabling a return to nature in modern interiors. If the today´s society is intensely concerned with what we breathe, drink and eat, the influence and potential of light concentration comes into play as another key opportunity to influence and control our bodies, minds and attitudes.

During the day, Spectrasol’s pro-cognitive LED sources stimulate the body to full alertness and activity with their high blue and cyan spectral components, supporting cognitive performance and overall vitality. At the same time, it supports the secretion of the hormones serotonin during the day and melatonin at night and the body's ongoing regenerative and immune processes during sleep.

 As a result, these luminaires improve people’s lives and health, and deliver a more stimulating, efficient and attractive environment to companies, as well as better work or study results and prosperity.

WHY Spectrasol?

Spectrasol’s LED light source achieves a unique match to the visible spectrum emitted by the sun and is the closest to it of any existing solutions in the world.

Spectrum of light emitted by Spectrasol LED lighting in the sunlight spectrum (white curve)

Unique practical benefits of Spectrasol lighting
  • Increased work or study performance and reduced error rate
  • Promotion of alertness, speed of thought and concentration
  • Enhancing the ability to remember and recall from memory
  • Increased subjective satisfaction and better emotional state of mind while being at work
  • Better communication, relationships and overall vibes among colleagues
  • Significant improvement in visual comfort and overall vitality
  • Key influence on human biorhythms and the dependent function of the immune system
  • Reduction of sickness rate and staff turnover
  • Lighting does not contain the concentrated part of the spectrum in the so-called blue light hazard
  • Real-time regeneration of the eye retina
  • Increased safety in workplaces
  • Increased attractiveness of working conditions for new and existing employees
  • More efficient and higher quality light source compared to traditional light fittings
Where to apply Spectrasol?

For example, in administrative and production facilities, teaching and training areas, service and control rooms, laboratories and development sites, stores, service facilities, surgeries, hospitals and social facilities, public administration buildings, at home and in other interiors.

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