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Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant Information Centre

Top level audiovisual equipment, interesting topics, excellent contents, interactivity, all of this is offered by the information centre at the Dukovany Power Plant.

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ČEZ - Jaderná Elektrárna Dukovany

The original information centre at the Dukovany Power Plant was opened in November 1994 and it had been visited by over half a million people. It was renovated in 2014 and reopened for the public from January 2015. From 1985 to January 2015, all the four power plant blocks produced over 384 billion kWh of electricity, which is more than any other Czech power plant. The Dukovany power plant covers approximately 20 % of total power consumption in the Czech Republic. Annually, it produces more than 14 billion kWh, which would be enough to cover the overall consumption by Czech households.

Realization: 2015
Category: Culture

AV MEDIA was behind the design and implementation of the most advanced information centre in the Czech Republic. It is part of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. Its visitors have an opportunity to experience a “reduced-size power plant facility" and become familiar with the essentials of its functioning. The interactive exposition offers its visitors a number of interesting topics. Thanks to modern technologies, visitors become directly involved and can have a first-hand experience of anything they choose. For example, they can enter a nuclear reactor. 

The new exposition in the information centre conveys a realistic idea on the functioning of a power plant all the way from information on nuclear fuel to the principle of electricity production in a nuclear plant and to treatment of used fuel and radioactive wastes. The exposition also reserves a separate space for an overview of nuclear power engineering in the world, the topic of nuclear safety and explanation of nuclear physics essentials.

Have a look at the coverage by the Czech Television - Events in Regions (time 8:51).

Events in Regions

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