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Our oneAVstudio was a big hit this year. A lot of events moved to the on-line world and were streamed from our studio on the Harfa terrain.

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ČOV, Česká trenérská akademie

Realization: 2021
Category: Events,

Like Coaches Dialog´s (Trénerské dialogy) organized by the Czech Olympic Committee (ČOV) and the Czech coaching academy.

Sport experts from all over Czech Republic come and attend these dialogs and seven episodes with interesting themes were filmed. They talked about the development of children, working on yourself in COVID times or about Wellbeing, every theme had the duration of one hour.

A lot of big names in the Czech sport world came and talked during the talk show: Marek Chlumský - a Member of the Board of the Czech coaching academy, Michal Barda - who has been a captain in handball for over 10 years, Zdeněk Haník - deputy chairman of the Czech Volleyball union and deputy chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee for education, and Michal Ježdík - the coach of the representative team in Basketball.

Almost all our event from the oneAVstudio are streamed live, but this event was filmed beforehand and later placed on the official Czech Olympic Committee Youtube channel. Like most events filmed from our studio at Harfa we used the standard equipment:

  • LED wall with graphic content
  • Editing groom
  • Three cameras’
  • Sound and light
  • Graphic station

An exception in equipment was that V-Mix was used. Thanks to this solution we could craft an endless variant of layers and we could play with the visual like captions for the speakers, backgrounds, or live cameras.

We enjoyed the pleasant cooperation on the beginning of this year while filming the ten on-line episodes of the Coaches Dialog´s series. The production company Livebros helped us realize the filming, by providing graphics and directing. Thanks to the smooth coherence the team worked good together and we got a welcomed thank you from our client at the end of the filming.

The recorded episodes can be found on the YouTube channel of the Czech Olympic Committee. One of the episodes can be viewed here:

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