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The year 2020 was not only a challenge for our company, but there was also a lot of improvisation needed.

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Realization: 2020
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Many events were cancelled or moved to a different date. Thanks to the changing restrictions in the Czech Republic the form, number of attendees and program of events changed many times at the last minute.

We handled the move to our studios and frequently "move" events into the online environment. In the course of a year, we have been presented with several opportunities that surely would not have happened without the pandemic. For example, streaming literally from a living room.

Changes had to be applied at the last minute to realize the award show for Effie´s most effective advertisement. In two rounds Effie judges the measurability, the results of the campaigns and the achievement of the goals initially identified. In one evening, a tremendous amount of inspiration will fly through the marketing world, not only to the participating agencies, but to all industry employees and enthusiasts.

The first year this award show took place in the Czech Republic was in 1997. AV MEDIA EVENTS has been a partner since the year 2005, so after 15 years we can say we work together on a friendly basis. This was also the case this year when we moved with all our technicians to Prague Flora to the apartment of Ivanka Nintha, the mom of the organizer Mark Hlavica.

But let's take a step back and remember the original design of the gala. The award ceremony was to take place in hall 3 of the PVA Letňany area. Instead of a classic stage, there was supposed to be an open truck trailer parked in the lobby, with lights and screen hanging from the ceiling. Viewers were supposed to watch the action from their own cars parked in the hall, where the sound was to be transmitted through the car radio, as you may know from drive-ins. The images from the cameras were supposed to be streamed on the big screen in the middle of the hall.

It is no surprise that, by changing the restrictions, the event had to adapt to the current situation. Unfortunately, instead of a screen hanging from the ceiling and a stage in the hall, a makeshift Covid hospital was built at the same time. Another solution might have been a stream from one of our studios. Eventually, though, in the "homeoffice" era, the gala turned into "Home Effie," and we got right into Mrs. Ivanka's living room.

The apartment was on the second floor of one of Prague's less-than-quiet streets, right by the tram stop. Parking in front of the house was just not possible, and the absence of an elevator did not make things any easier for our technicians. The kitchen is primarily intended to be a kitchen, not a director’s space. Our technicians, however, were not alarmed by the obstacles, and adapted not only the technique they carried up the stairs to the apartment, but also the lights or sound and transmission of distant speakers.

If the techs have not broken out into a cold sweat by now, finding out that there was no Internet connection in the apartment where the big event for the whole republic will be streamed, not one back stayed dry. But that, too, was quickly resolved.

We streamed the event via a secure CDN server on a microsite specifically created for this online show. Watching was only possible with registration based on a unique code, a day later the footage was made available to the general public. Thanks to the limited amount of electricity available in the apartment, among other things, practical lights were chosen, providing great performance with a minimal consumption.

It was certainly an extraordinary experience, not only for our technicians, who had their technical set-up in a cosy kitchen, but also for the organizer himself. The atmosphere was friendly, as our long-term cooperation. Our project manager Milan Hošťálek also likes to remember this event: "Last year my son was born the night after the Effie Awards were announced, so I also have a very beautiful memory associated with this event."

We are pleased that, despite the complications of 2020, we have been able to adapt to the situation and we always to deliver our 100% to our clients so that the event goes as planned, but at the same time is safe and smooth with no major complications.

Technical equipment for the event:

  • Secured CDN server and microsite
  • LED screen Panasonic
  • LED-fresnel lights
  • PTZ cameras with remote control
  • HDSDI editing room Panasonic
  • Media server Milumin on an Apple Mac Pro
  • Graphic room Barco S3 from a pc
  • Digital mixpult Soundcraf
  • Microphones Shure ULXD
  • Studio speakers Genelec
  • A mobile router with four data SIM cards

Take a look into the apartment of Ivanka with all of our equipment on the CNN new here (set the time from 12:30 min till 14:42 min):


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