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South Moravia online Tour

The first online fam trip, during which selected tourist attractions and commercial entities were introduced. There was also an online wine tasting.


Moravia Convention Bureau

Realization: 2021
Category: Events,

About the client

Moravia Convention Bureau offers organizers assistance and comprehensive information in the planning, implementation of congresses, conferences, business meetings, and incentive events in south Moravia and the city of Brno. They provide a comprehensive range of information and service options in the region, free advisory and consulting services, assistance with event planning, and selecting a suitable location.

Fam Trip

Fam trip (sometimes also called press trip) is a widely used PR tool where organizations can introduce themselves to journalists, the market and thus ensure publicity. South Moravian Fam trip is a formal event. Organizations can present top destinations to hold events and team buildings, including accompanying events in the South Moravia region. The program represents unusual places, unique congress venues, and the most exciting activities that will complement any conference. Eventually, it is possible to join B2B meetings and offer your services directly.

Script and technical solution

For Moravia Convention Bureau, the first south Moravian online Fam trip was, as the name suggests, their first online event. However, the Fam trip is an essential part of their communication every year, so they joined the organization with us. Together, we created the entire event scenario, stage design and proposed a technical solution step by step. We chose the LED screen, an elegant solution to promote partners, connect with remote participants, and provide dynamic background for the whole event. Unfortunately, there was no suitable electrical plug socket in the hotel. Based on our requirements, the hotel decided to set it up, considering their future events. We packed the LED in a few cases one day before the event, after about 1.5 months of planning, and left for Brno.

Preparations on site

Our team built an eleven-meter-long LED screen the day before the event, prepared the stage and the director's entire background. We plugged in cameras, installed lights, and tuned the footage. The early evening was then used for the rehearsal and contents. There were quite a few of them! We graphically covered the entire visualization of the event, including 9 dynamic sound jingles, a 30-minute countdown, 27 dynamic business cards of the event partners, and 43 subtitles of speakers and guests in combination with those remotely connected.

3,2,1… ACTION!

On the day, we met all the speakers, guests, and the moderator in the morning for the rehearsal. The event was taken care of on the spot by 9 members of the AV MEDIA EVENTS team, led by the director, who, according to the script, handles the entire event and takes care of its smooth running. The director is almost silent during the event when everyone quietly communicates with the help of headsets. "The title of the block, the remote participant will be prepared, the shot of the moderator, the title of the speaker, the video of the partner, and the jingle." These are just a few of the many sentences you will hear during the event. It all sounds like air traffic control.

The streamed event lasted three hours. It was divided into four thematic blocks and, due to its length, was also interlaced with regular coffee breaks. The speakers communicated with the audience via live chat and were kept involved by regular competitions for valuable prizes. The last block was the highlight of the event and probably an inseparable topic connected with South Moravia - online wine tasting. After the registration, all the participants received samples of the presented wines. Together with the wineries, they had a mutual experience at the end of the stream. After a joint toast, it was time for a B2B meeting, which is also an integral part of a Fam trip.

We streamed the event not only to the event participants but also publicly to YT, where you can view it:

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