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The new Aero aircraft is back in action

The AV MEDIA team has prepared an original show full of surprises and modern technologies for the Aero Company.


Realization: 2017
Category: Events, Culture

Aero Vodochody is an original domestic aviation manufacturer, which not only survived the “wild 90s” but successfully delivers aircraft components to the world. Besides custom production, it also has its own products - the lightweight Aero L159ALCA attack aircraft and the innovative training model Aero NG39. Thanks to the success of the L159 ALCA when deployed in foreign missions, interest in this aircraft has grown, and Aero Vodochody restored its production after thirteen years and is ready to re-launch a new aircraft of this type, which was the reason for the celebration that Aero performed with AV MEDIA.

The modern presentation of the high-tech product could not be done without the latest technological solutions that provide the essential “wow effect”. Two special solutions were chosen to present the newly manufactured and improved Aero L-159 Alca airplane directly in the Vodochody production area; the special immersive multi-projection and HoloLens advanced viewing system.

The spectacular show, which was attended by Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, was aimed especially at investors, members of the government and journalists. The aim was to introduce the new, ultramodern lightweight L159 Alca attack aircraft, which is ready for production. There was not much time to prepare, because the calendars of the political representation were very busy and changeable. “We had only five weeks to figure out the concept and the three scenarios,” says Jan Buriánek from AV MEDIA. “Since it is an airplane and everything is essential in the sky, we have eliminated the traditional frontal presentation and created three distinct concepts - the dome, a curved projection and the winning design of the Black Box, including intertwined front and ceiling projections.” Finally, the presentation of the airplane “on the ceiling” of the Black Box and the linking of the whole show with spatial directional 6-channel sound produced the biggest wow effect.

Black Box on the ceiling

The AV MEDIA project team designed and created the content for the so-called Black Box projection, which was projected on a black screen and the image literally “emerged from the darkness”. The whole presentation was based on a predetermined emotional curve. It was given at the moment the viewer would be interested, surprised or enthusiastic. In line with this concept, all the content was prepared using front-end projection, images on the ceiling, controlled light effects and surround sound, among other effects. Overall, the resolution of the entire show was over 10Mpix. Providing this resolution and in this time limit was practically a superhuman task. It was necessary to create the original 3D animation of weapon exchange systems, simulation of combat positions, finishing production shots, making a composition of a multi-screen show and synchronizing it with the 3D sound. The entire show began with a traditional front projection, which was extended to the ceiling at the right time, and then the main visual section was over the heads of the audience. Thanks to the BlackBox, the audience did not realize until the last minute that the show would be on the ceiling, which contributed to the desired moment of surprise. In terms of technology, a total of five powerful projectors, multi-channel sound equipment with surround sound, effect RGB LED lights all synchronized with multi-output projection servers provided this solution.

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens glasses are the first headset with expanded reality from Microsoft. The official introduction to the domestic market is still anticipated, but it is already a sought-after solution in the world for successfully deploying widespread reality in the industry. The fact that it allows users to embed 3D “holograms” (computer models) of almost any type has belonged to the realm of science fiction until recently. HoloLens is an exceptional piece of technology that combines the ability to monitor the surrounding area, find appropriate 3D surfaces or 3D objects and deploy 3D graphics.

A completely original tailored content was tailor made for Aero, which made the L159Alca a bit “different”. After putting on the headset, the participants at the event could literally see the airplane thanks to simulated X-ray vision – so they could see the aircraft’s engine and cockpit. They could also compare different variants of weapon systems that could not be presented live for safety reasons. This presentation was appreciated not only by the lay audience, but also by experts from Aero Vodochody.

Surround sound

An unforgettable experience from the whole projection was taken care of by 5.1 surround sound. The audio was composed of real-world aircraft sounds that were recorded specifically for 3D use at the airport. The atmosphere was also created by effect-controlled LED lights, and there was even mist, which is necessary for any light show.

The show exceeded expectations

The event itself was crowned with a real demonstration of the L159 Alca attack aircraft, making it possible to compare both the sound of the airplane and its appearance in the sky. It was interesting that the visual and audio experience was very similar to the show created. The airplane was presented directly in the hangar, where it was possible to show the real aircraft at different stages of production, which was a good choice.

The feedback from all the participants was very positive; the whole event literally succeeded to the letter. Both domestic and foreign media covered the event and it created many ideas for other similar events focused on the sale of Aero products worldwide. Just three days after this show, a simplified version was transferred to an exhibition in Brazil.

This celebration of the renewal of the airplane was a demonstration of a demanding event for a demanding client, which also succeeded thanks to the flawless cooperation of the teams throughout AV MEDIA. The scriptwriting team was from the culture team, the technical concept from the project department, the programming was carried out in the installation department and the realization of the show was completely provided by the rental team.

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