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Gateway to Africa

The first international conference Gateway to Africa took place in Geneva from 4 to 6 April 2011 at the Hotel intercontinental.

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Realization: 2011
Category: Events

The main topics of the conference were the problems that Africa faces today - in particular health care, education, energy and politics.... In addition to representatives from Africa, many more speakers appeared such as former UN Secretary Kofi Annan, the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, US Vice President Al Gore and former mayor of New York Rudy Gulliani, among many others.....

A magnificent gala dinner with rich musical accompaniment followed the conference, where the biggest being a man with a voice called “liquid gold”, the Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour, whom Time Magazine ranked among the hundred of most influential people of 2007; you’ve certainly hear him- you just may not know it yet.....

AV MEDIA ensured not only the audio-visual technology for the whole gala event, but was also proud to provide the sound for the live concert of the greatest musical personality of present day Africa.

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