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Czech Video Mapping in Liverpool

After its great success with the video mapping project on the Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague, AV MEDIA received an offer to participate in a new spectacular project.

Realization: 2011
Category: Events

AV MEDIA provided a series of projections in Liverpool in Great Britain, where “made in Czech” video mapping was ordered for the 100th anniversary of one of the most famous buildings, the historical Royal Liver Building to celebrate the opening of a new museum in Liverpool.

AV MEDIA, in cooperation with Macula and Tomato Production, presented themselves to England at the end of June and went straight into action with two projections- on the Royal Liver Building, where they projected the epic events from the history of Liverpool. The projection on the building, which houses a museum, was again primarily based on its modern shape. The delivery of the technology and operating the devices was completely provided by the leasing division of AV MEDIA.

“Each year we do similar celebrations but they have never received such a response in the media and PR as these projections did. We were featured in major broadcasters during prime time, clips spread on the Internet and people talking about the event.”

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