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Czech House in London

The project at Czech House in London (2012) was part of our cooperation with the Czech Olympic Team, which we supported not only through modern technology.......

Realization: 2012
Category: Events

AV MEDIA became the official supplier of the Czech Olympic Team for 2012-2016. Part of our cooperation with the Czech Olympic Team was the project at the Czech House in London (2012), which we supported not only through modern technology, but also took over even the building and preparation programme for visitors to this event under the auspices of the team.

The Largest Sporting Event, Not Only for Athletes

We participated in the biggest sporting event in modern times at the end July and the beginning of August – the Olympic games. As the technological supplier, we were able to influence the atmosphere of the important events that took place in the Czech Olympic house.  The celebration of Czech success, concerts by famous bands, interviews with our athletes and visits by sport celebrities all took place on the premises of the Czech House. The biggest star among the visitors was Sebastian Coe, the Chairman of the London Organising Committee.

Such a major event that takes place every four years (the summer cycle) with a meeting of the best of the best deserve an exceptional solution, highlighting the overall atmosphere of these days. Therefore, our common goal was to create a universal space measuring 30 x 70 m2 where visitors could cheer, have fun and relax, and where they could also learn something about the Czech Republic or serve a base for fans from CZ.

A Unique Experience in Larger-Than-Life Size

78,700 visitors in 16 days, 150 guests on stage, 50 Tonnes of audio-visual technology all created the atmosphere that could be followed from home on television screens with live broadcasting from Czech Television directly from the Czech House. The main feature of the Czech house was the giant panoramic projection measuring more than 250 m2, creating the backdrop to the television studio, for guests and artists on stage or served as a film screen for watching sporting events. Graphics and slow motion footage filmed in the high 9,500 x 1,080 resolution were specially prepared for this screen.
Next to this visitors could watch sporting events on a large-screen display built form 16 frameless LCDs or 20 other visual display units placed on surfaces, which also functioned as information panels. We created our own DVB-T broadcast for the television signal in Czech House. The atmosphere at the events was created by 300 lights, of which 2/3rds could be intelligently managed. The basis of our lighting was LED technology, which we designed for the project on the basis of its energy and heat savings and with regard to the absence of air conditioning in Czech House. The clear and clean sound was provided by equipment with an overall sound output of 68 kW.  Everything was connected and managed centrally from one, and in the case of concerts, two directorial sites. It was a work of art, not only from the perspective of construction and architecture, but also from the perspective of thoughtful connectivity and the linking of the audio-visual technology.

The interior of Czech House was designed in the spirit of the abstract wheels from the Fugue in Two Colours by the painter František Kupka.  The futuristic design was organically incorporated into the historical building. The interior served as a dynamic and sporty impression, creating the atmosphere of “captured motion”. The connection of unique architecture and first-rate audio-visual technology could sum up the Czech Olympic house in London. Besides following the Olympic disciplines, there were plenty of attractions available to engage visitors in the event in the Czech house. All was made possible by the fact that for the first time in history, the Czech Olympic house was open to the fans, who could meet their idols. Preparations for the Winter Olympics in Sochi are already in motion, and we are looking forward to successfully inspiring you again as we did in the project in London.

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