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NATO Parliamentary Summit

AV MEDIA became the technology partner for the autumn NATO parliamentary meeting, which took place at the Congress Centre in Prague in November 2012.


Realization: 2012
Category: Events

More than 600 hundred visitors from various nationalities attended the summit. Among the honoured guests were Montenegro and Georgia. The Czech government was represented by: Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Chairperson of the Chamber of Deputies Miroslava Němcová and Defence Minster Alexandr Vondra.

In order to provide smooth running of the whole summit, it was necessary to link audio and a large projection through a total of 5 halls at the Prague Congress Centre, where the summit took place. Simultaneous interpretation into 6 world languages was provided in each hall.

Thanks to the projection on large plasma screens, all participants were drawn into the events at the parliamentary debates.

All technicians from AV MEDIA exceled due to their knowledge of English and the BOSCH interpreting technology, while also, managing to technologically ensure the interpreting to a 150 m hall on the last day of the summit, where they transmitted the sound and picture.

Technologies used: 
  • BOSCH Integrus (interpreting, conference microphones) 
  • Plasmas 4 x 103", 4 x 85"
  • 2 x projections 10,000 K
  • Transmitting the signal (interpreting, picture and sound) with a150 m long optical cable  


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