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On Wednesday 21 January 2015, the prize award ceremony of the Czech Car of the Year competition took place at the TOP Hotel Praha.

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Realization: 2015
Category: Events

The poll was organized by the Sport-press agency together with AV MEDIA participating as not only a technological partner. 

The jury composed of expert motorist journalists selected from a total number of 31 nominated cars. In the first round, five finalists were selected – Ford Mondeo, Mazda 3, Mercedes-Benz C, Skoda Fabia and Volkswagen Passat. Out of them, the 2015 Czech Car of the Year was determined, with the envelopes containing voting cards being opened and points summed up during the evening directly in the hall.

AV MEDIA had been working on the project for nearly three months and our role fairly exceeded that of a supplier of AV equipment. The competition had been already held twenty times in the past, and that is why the principal client’s wish consisted in having it enlivened by a new uncommon solution. We gave a thought to interactive elements in new cars that have something to do with what we do at AV MEDIA and evaluated the optimal helper when a goal is being searched for – navigation. The navigation concept will guide the people through the evening and help them find the winner. Initially we came across the idea that the overall scene can be decorated to resemble a large navigation device. However, we finally decided for quality 3D contents delivered on a 13 x 5 m screen.

The hall was illuminated by two of our top level Panasonic projectors with a luminance of 21,000 ANSI. Enlightened vehicles along the hall sides together with appropriate sound created a highly agreeable background for this significant award ceremony for the Czech automotive industry. The logo of AV MEDIA was placed not only on the partner bar, but it also decorated the speaker’s panel equipped with an integrated plasma monitor. The facilitator was able to process the contents using a tablet directly from the stage.

The hall accommodated over 300 personages of Czech automotive industry, so AV MEDIA had an ideal opportunity to present our work to both existing and potential future clients. 

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