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New Year’s Eve Celebration at the Prague Hilton

As the technicians of the Leasing Department are already used to, this year they also spent the turn of the year in the setting of the Prague Hilton Hotel

Realization: 2013
Category: Events

Using 25 tons of technical equipment, the technicians created an unforgettable show for the guests.

Non-traditional solutions, impressive scenes

The New Year’s Eve celebration in the Prague Hilton has traditionally been held in the atypical lobby area. A stage was built on the place of the former fountain to a height of approximately 3 meters for performers to dance and celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The background scene measuring 23 × 13 m were constructed from panels coated in a grey fabric on which four projectors could project. The projectors were placed in one of the rooms at the Hilton; it was necessary to bring together the signal with sufficient power needed to allow four large projectors to be connected at the same time. The whole scene became an LED wall, on which thematic scenes were projected throughout the course of the evening, completing the overall festive atmosphere.

Light show

Thanks to the fixed installation lighting of the glass pyramid in the hotel lobby, which AV MEDIA had added at the beginning of December 2013, fine tuning the overall scene and atmosphere was a little easier this year. The light show, in addition to the lights installed we looked after the intelligent lighting, which was supplied by ROBE, including special sample pieces of MMX Blade, which are not available at this point on in the Czech Republic.

The picture and the sound from the lobby area was distributed to the other rooms in the hotel, with its diverse program preparing for the arrival of the New Year’ Eve celebrations.  


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