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Cisco Connect Conference 2015

At the end of March, the traditional Cisco Connect Conference, one of the most significant Czech IT conferences, took place at the Prague’s Clarion hotel.

Realization: 2015
Category: Events

Prominent IT conference focused on the FAST IT conCept

The two-day Cisco Connect conference traditionally provides a unique opportunity to become acquainted with new IT trends, understand their business benefits, broaden one’s knowledge of IT technologies, deepen one’s comprehension of communication technologies, and meet leading IT specialists.

This year, it was focused on the Fast IT concept simplifying and automating networks, speeding up rollouts of new applications, working towards virtual and physical infrastructures, integrating private and public cloud services, and providing protection against complex dangers.

Largest conference projection

For the Great Hall of the Clarion hotel, we have prepared the largest projection surface we have ever provided for conference purposes so far. A total number of 6 projectors illuminated a screen of 45 x 6 meters, with the contents being processed by 3 Coolux video servers. We have also ensured the complete sound and lighting and obtained a camera recording from the overall event. During the first morning and during the whole second day, technical workshops were being held in the adjacent lounges, focused on issues related to technologies for communication infrastructures, data centres, cybersecurity or user collaboration. Also in these lounges, we have provided a complete equipment including projection and sound.

The overall event was produced by Guarant International.

The first day culminated by an evening programme in the Great Hall facilitated by Simona Babčáková. During the evening, also the entertainers from the popular Na Stojáka TV show performed, as well as the Oranžáda band and the Cirk La Putyka theatre circus group.

Innovative technologies in the exhibition zone

Together with other conference’s partners, AV MEDIA also contributed to the exhibition zone presenting remarkable and innovative technologies, products and solutions. AV MEDIA presented an absolutely fresh innovation on the market – the digital SMART kapp flipchart, on which you can immediately write, draw, share and save new ideas from a meeting, presentation, workshop or operative brainstorming.

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