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Deloitte – Global New Partner Seminar

A three-day training for new partners of Deloitte was carried out in the convention hall at the Hilton Hotel in mid-October.

Deloite Hilton 480_SAM6933
Deloite Hilton 466_SAM6916
Deloite Hilton 468_SAM6931
Deloite Hilton 470_SAM6928

Realization: 2015
Category: Events

AV MEDIA provided the complete delivery of all AV technology

This involved a  L-Acoustics sound system and a whole range of lighting and lighting effects, which were controlled from the main GRAND MA Full Size console and the backup GRAND MA Light Size, with both consuls operating simultaneously. We used over 50 ROBE lights and further illuminated the text, stairs and podium on stage. Finishing touches were put on the stage using LED tape that was necessary to conceal by deeply embedding it into the stage and covering it by milky-white Plexiglas, so individual LED points were not visible. We had the decorative wall manufactured in the Czech Republic based on materials from the USA.

We placed 3 projections into the hall using a Panasonic DZ21 for the  ain one and a Panasonic DZ13 for the other projections.

Barrett Consulting & Design from the USA took care of the production part, bringing a team to Prague (cameraman, sound engineer, stage manager and a lighting electrician who works on Broadway).

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