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The general assembly of the European Olympic Committee

The general assembly of the European Olympic Committee was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague in the middle of November.

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Realization: 2015
Category: Events

Delegates and guests of the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committee met in Prague to discuss current issues from the world of sport. Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee President, commented on the doping scandal in Russian athletics for the first time. The fight against doping became a prominent topic of discussion. The success of the concept of the Czech Olympic Park was touted as a possible way to maximize the impact of the Olympics, which is most likely to spread to the whole world.

At this important meeting there were also the president of the European Olympic Committee, Patrick Joseph Hickey, Kuwait's Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Sabah, one of the most powerful men in football, the head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, and the new chairman of the IAAF World Athletic Federation, Sebastian Coe.

AV MEDIA provided the complete technological support for the two-day meeting

We provided comprehensive translation services for the main conference hall of the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague - translation cabins, a Dicentis wireless conference system located on the main stage and additional conference microphones. The stage was dominated by an assembly of 6x3 seamless NEC 55” plasmas, with 3x3 seamless NEC 46” plasmas added to both sides. The presentations and a live feed from the camera were handled by Coolux and Barco Encore2 technologies. The speakers had a total of 6 overview displays at their disposal, on which they could view the presentations that were prepared. The entire transfer was recorded by several cameras, which was streamed live on Youtube. The atmosphere in the hall was created using ROBE lighting, which was fine-tuned according to special requirements for live broadcasting by Czech Television.

We provided the technology for 4 other conference halls besides the main conference hall, which served for private meetings of individual members of the European Olympic Committee. We also equipped the offices of the EOC and ČOV (the Czech Olympic Committee) with office equipment, including an internet connection.

Finally, we provided the technology at two dinners for the participants of the congress. The first was held at the Rudolfinum, and the second in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle. We provided scenic and special effect lighting and sound for the whole room at both locations.

Official information on the General Assembly are available here.

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