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Trainer of the Year 2015

Members of the Union of Professional Trainers of the Czech Olympic Committee chose the Trainer of the Year at the end of January, with Ondřej Rybář winning the top prize.

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The head coach of the Czech Biathlete Team, Ondřej Rybář, one of the main architects of the Czech biathlon miracle, won the title for the second time in a row. Last year under his leadership, Czech biathletes managed to build on the great success of the Olympic Games in Sochi. In second place was the Czech coach of the national football team, Pavel Vrba. Jiří Prskavec, Senior came in third, under whose leadership the champions emerged last year in the white-water slalom, Jiří Prskavec, Junior and Kateřina Kudějová.

The Award Ceremony, whose technology was provided by AV MEDIA, took place at Lucerna in Prague. We provided the projecting on the screen, including the sound system for both speakers and the band and lighting that highlighted the festive atmosphere of the evening.

Coverage of the gala evening can be seen on the pages of Czech Television.

About the Union of Professional Trainers

The union is a voluntary association, with more than a hundred coaches from 35 sports federations in the Czech Republic. These coaches are professionals with the best possible education in their given sports union and are committed to adhering to the standards of behaviour in relation to the athletes, employers, colleagues, referees and opponents, while providing services in the fields of law, methodology and health care.

More at www.olympic.cz/treneri

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