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Czech Miss 2016

The Municipal House in Prague turned into the most beautiful place in the Czech Rep. in early April, when the Czech Miss 2016 finalists competed for the crown of beauty which was eventually won by Andrea Bezděková.

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Realization: 2016
Category: Events

The ceremonial announcement of the winners of the twelfth-annual edition of the only national beauty contest, Czech Miss 2016, was marked by Czech design in all its forms, with Czech history and tradition appearing in the medal finalists and philanthropy. The grand finale, which was broadcast live by TV Prima, was accompanied by the well-known presenter duo Leoš Mareš and Libor Bouček. Andrea Bezděková was the winner of the Miss Czech 2016, with Natalie Kotková winning the Czech Miss World title in 2016 and Kristýna Kubíčková taking the title of Czech Miss Earth.

AV MEDIA was once again the technological partner of the event

A magnificent scene was built for the final evening at the Municipal House by the architect Marek Hollý, which included a special high-resolution LED screen with a total size of more than 180 m2. All segments of the wall were composed of modules measuring 0.5 x 0.5 m, of which 725 were used. A LED wall is an ideal choice for television broadcasts, as the images are perfectly visible even when very bright scene lighting required for television production is used and is already compact from a distance of 2 m.

The whole scene was spread on an area of almost 100 m2, with a catwalk of 40.5 square meters passing through a lane of  LED floors with total area of 8 square meters. It was the biggest scene that viewers could see in the Municipal House live. It took over 60 people to build the entire installation, which we managed to do in 72 hours straight. It required over 35 tons of material, equipment and technology from AV MEDIA, their partners, subcontractors and other components of the entire technical production.

Given that it is not possible to hang technology on the ceiling of Smetana Hall, we had to spend a lot of time developing an independent rigging system. Our sister company, Rental PRO, implemented Lukáš Foniok’s design of static and dynamic calculations. The big challenge for the Rental PRO team was building the podium, which, due to the technology of the outgoing stage, had a very limited load-bearing capacity. Robust construction had to be supported for its weight and the weight of the units on it to be adequately spread. The hollow space of the stage was further reinforced by spacer bars. Due to the tight space, the whole structure had to be precise down to the last millimetre.

Rental PRO also provided a complete Nexo STM M28 sound system solution for the event, including an impressive assembly of in-ear monitoring and audio coverage by combining Nexo GEO S8 systems. Special emphasis was placed on the monitoring the broadcast frequencies of all the micro ports.

The opulent light park spread on a truss design and the stage and technical balconies in Smetana Hall are also worth mentioning. Most of the intelligent lights were from the Czech company ROBE, including the absolutely new twelve-pieces smart light BMFL Wash Beam.

Since the final evening was broadcast live on TV Prima, we were required to comply with all the very specific requirements of television production and the whole scene was prepare for two days of rehearsals for the gala evening.

Czech Miss Technology 2016

The influence of modern technology today is undeniable. Young children today grow up surrounded by modern technology and use technology in a completely natural way. The idea of linking modern technology with the beauty and the emergence of a new competition within Czech Miss 2016 was very compelling for us since technology is no longer the domain of men only, but beautiful girls also benefit from the pleasure of using technology. 

The winner of the Miss Czech Technology category in 2016 was Kristýna Kubíčková, who was chosen by fans on Facebook. Kristýna chose Skype technology for remote communication for the photo competition for, because as she said herself: “Skype will overcome any distance.” AV MEDIA CEO, David Lesch, handed the winner a voucher for home entertainment and communications to the amount of CZK 100,000.

About the Czech Miss competition

Czech Miss is the only national beauty pageant in the Czech Republic, which was first announced in 2005. The goal is to empower women in society by promoting the self-esteem of Czech girls, while consolidating the major brands on the market and supporting philanthropic activities and beauty by providing help where it is needed most. Every year Czech Miss looks for girls who are interested in the world around them who have a desire to develop their personalities and succeed in all ways of life, both professional and personal. Czech Miss is connected with partners, organizations and sponsors, thanks to whom it has fulfilled the dreams of girls, thus achieving the objectives of the competition. Every year, Czech Miss sends the winner to the international Miss Universe contest supporting women’s self-esteem, helping Miss World where it is necessary and Miss Earth, which promotes environmental activities. For more information, please visit: www.ceskamiss.cz

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