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2013 SIGNAL Festival of Light

AV MEDIA was the general technological partner of the festival presenting the leading edge audiovisual arts in public space.

Realization: 2013
Category: Events

AV MEDIA provided for the technical aspects of one of the most significant cultural event of the autumn 2013, the Signal Festival of Light. The festival offered a pleasant walk through an evening capital city, which was literally brightened up by thousands of lights. For four days, Prague was transformed into a centre of modern technologies and original ideas, with hundreds of thousands of people enjoying the project.

The Signal Festival of Light presented leading edge audiovisual arts in public space. The audience had an opportunity to see the works of over 30 leading Czech and international artists and generous videomapping projects and lighting installations made their walks through the historical heart of Prague more exciting.

VIDEOMAPPING projections impressed every visitor

AV MEDIA provided for the projection of impressive videomapping images on St. Ludmila Church, Archbishop’s Palace, Hybernia Palace and Michna Palace. The most popular installations of 2013 included that on St. Ludmila Church enlivened in the spirit of ancient Greek Khôra. The Archbishop’s Palace brought to life a silhouette created by the Telenoika group of artists, while the Antivj group of European artists offered an unusual view of the Hybernia Palace. The Czech Macula duo (Amar Mulabegovič and Dan Gregor), also well known from their videomapping project on the Prague Astronomical Clock (Orloj), chose the Náměstí Míru square for their new performance. Videomapping projections strongly impressed every visitor of the festival.

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