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Žofín Was Covered in Orange Colour

350 representatives of an English company met at Žofín in early October to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding.

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Realization: 2016
Category: Events

A successful English company chose the Žofín venue in Prague to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their founding, where AV MEDIA made them feel at home. We ensured the entire technical arrangements of the entire event and satisfied all the wishes of the client. These included lighting the façades and all interior spaces in the deep orange corporate colours of the client. For this purpose we used a large amount of ROBE LEDWash lights that are able to render any colour, creating an unforgettable spectacle for the clients. This entailed 45 Robe ROBE LEDWash 600 lights, which, thanks to three LEDs rings can create almost any effect, and 6 ROBE LEDWash 1200 lights that even have four rings and they can act as a very fast strobe light. To provide the finishing touches to the overall atmosphere we used many more light effects and several ROBE Pointes, which instantly offer settings for 13 different colours.

The client wanted a stage design that would be visually clean. Therefore, our project managers suggested a simple set-up, where the sound equipment was hidden so that it would not impede the set-up. Our cameras recorded the guests who appeared on stage, and the footage was immediately projected on the projection on the sides, for which we used projectors with a long telephoto lens. For the screen behind the speaker, we chose a rear projection by means of a projector with an ultrashort lens. Another projector handled the visual backdrop in the foyer.

AV MEDIA provided the sound for a performance at a concert by Freesteps, a German band that created the background music for the gala evening for several hours. For this purpose we used products of the French company L-Acoustics. 12 L'Acoustic KIVA speakers formed the basis complemented by 4 L'Acoustic KILOs, which were used mainly for extending low frequencies. We also used 6 L'Acoustic SB18, universal compact subwoofers, which expanded the lower end of the frequency range of modular WST line source and coaxial systems to 32Hz.

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