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October is traditionally a month in the spirit of conferences to us and so we decided to show you one that we really enjoyed – Tech Con+ Golm Prague 2016.


Realization: 2016
Category: Events

Tech Con Czech Republic is the leading Czech supplier of components for industrial automation. They have been operating on the Czech and Slovak market since 2006 which made this year’s conference a bit of a jubilee. The conference was held in Prague’s Hilton hotel while the gala took place in the National House of Vinohrady. The main Majakovský Hall was used to hold a dinner with an award ceremony and a band performance while we decided to use the smaller hall for a banquet with live music. Nearly 600 guests attended the event.

We prepared this event from scratch – first we did the visualization of lights and sound exactly in accordance with the client’s wishes and then we went straight to the execution itself. After lighting both halls in blue-pink shades we used Robe - ROBIN® 600 LEDWash, CityFlex 48, MMX BLADE and MMX SPOT /W lights and the GRAND MA 2 Light lighting console. The Soundcraft Vi1 mixing desk and 3 pairs of L-Acoustic LAX12 completed with L-Acoustics SB 18 took care of the sound system. AV MEDIA also took care of the projection – we used our favourite Panasonic PT-DZ21K projector with a Panasonic ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw lens. The content was projected onto a Stumpfl 855x490 cm screen. We used the Barco S3 switcher. The whole event was recorded on a professional SONY PXW FS7 digital camera.

The event went extremely well and according to the project manager, the biggest obstacle was the lift in the National House of Vinohrady: “We couldn’t use the lift and so we had to carry 5 tons of technology up the stairs to the second floor”. We also managed to deal with the limited time for the construction – we built the entire set-up on the day of the event. 

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