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Prague hosted the 18th annual Designblok, the largest display of design and fashion in Central Europe. AV MEDIA secured an original exhibition of the non-profit organization Focus Praha.

DB 2016 expozice49
DB 2016 expozice60

Realization: 2016
Category: Events

Fokus Praha introduced an interactive exhibition entitled “Destroying the wall of prejudice in the area of mental health” which included an interactive game for the visitors called “The asylum is no home” at Designblok. Its aim was to draw attention to the need of reforms in mental health care and to disprove the stereotypes people have about people with mental disorders.

 “Our exhibition space turned into a large gaming room. A stylized house – an asylum – was projected onto the entire wall. If someone hit a “window” with a soft foam ball, the surroundings of the window blossomed or changed in a different way, its inhabitant looked out and a text with his wish was displayed. For instance, a boxer showed up and above him a text saying: „I want to sleep in my own bed“.  It is a simple wish that cannot however come true during a long-term stay in a psychiatric hospital”, explains Eva Čižinská from Fokus Praha.  

Multiple people could play the game at the same time and all windows and doors on the projected house reacted to the foam balls.  People were entertained and related to the wishes. For examples the “I want a hug” wish motivated the visitors to take immediate action. At the same time everyone could listen to an acoustic recording of the most deeply rooted myths along with their explanation that came from a projection loudspeaker in the place where they threw the ball. 

For this exhibition we used the Panasonic RZ970 laser projector and we also provided the entire sound system – we also used the aforementioned projection loudspeakers which concentrate the sound in certain areas of the room only. “However, the AirScan Pandoras Box, a laser multi-touch sensor, which scanned the places that people hit with their balls and controlled the game, was the key tool”, added Vilém Komárek, the project manager.

“Thanks to the support of AV MEDIA we were (although non-profit) one of the most creative exhibitions. I really want to say thanks for the superb collaboration. Everyone was really great and everything went exactly as planned. Mr. Komárek and Mr. Vacek were always available during the entire exhibition, even on the phone and we could sort out all the technical matters with them very fast“, praised Eva Člžinská the collaboration with AV MEDIA.

The staff of Fokus Praha discussed with people the need for a change in the approach towards people with mental disorders, the reform of psychiatric care or simply mental health in general and their experiences. In six days, around 9,000 people visited the stall of Fokus Praha. 400 people joined the “Destroying the wall of prejudice in the area of mental health” signature campaign and many others showed their support with a financial donation for their public collection. 

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