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Conference at the Hilton Old Town Hotel

A conference for an international pharmaceutical company took place at the Hilton Old Town Hotel in Prague at the end of 2016. AV MEDIA provided the technological guarantee of the entire event.


Realization: 2017
Category: Events

80 representatives of major international pharmaceutical companies met at Hilton Prague Old Town to discuss the latest developments in the market. This event was a small but yet demanding event in terms of the technology and organization. Constructing and preparing the event was limited by time, as we started at 7 p.m. and finished at 4 a.m., just a few hours before the event.

We provided a 22,5m Absen PRO LED wall at the event, which was tied into the decorations. Signal processing went through a Barco E2 and we prepared the show step by step the evening in advance using a Pandora Box, so that everything would run as it should on the day of the event. We used Robe – MMX and Flexi for the lighting and dispatched GMA 2 on the stage. The sound system was provided by speakers from the American company JBL and we used a wireless digital microphone from Shure. AV MEDIA took care of the entire decoration of the hall and foyer with a presentation of the new facility, where we created double-sided walls, which rotated during the event. Finally, we provided three digital cameras with studio and took care of the post-production work (including video editing) for the client.

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