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At the end of November, we technologically secured the Advent evening in the Industrial Palace on the exhibition grounds in Prague’s Holešovice. See for yourself what light design was created by AV MEDIA.


Realization: 2016
Category: Events

For a unique celebration of the first Advent evening, the client chose the historical site of Prague’s exhibition grounds, which can pride themself on being called “The exhibition grounds in the heart of Europe” and which celebrates 125 years since its foundation. The Industrial Palace is its landmark, as well as the largest and oldest building on the site, where more than three hundred invitees gathered on the last day of November. The host of the eventful and festive evening was Marek Eben.

AV MEDIA took care of the full technological provision of the evening, including the creation of the project and light design, which was taken care of by Roman Zezula. For lighting, we used 140 intelligent ROBE JB-lighting lights and an incredible 300 static lights. It was fixed onto a 180m construction with 24 suspension points. We placed two Absen A3 LED screens in a total size of 30m2 on the sides of the stage, which were also impressively suspended onto a construction a few meters above the floor. Video projection (40.000 ANSI lumens) and the NEXO STM sound system for the entire evening could also not have been missing.

 Photo: Stanislav Milata

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