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Grandiose gala evening in O2 arena

In cooperation with Fieldwork agency we organized two large-scale events for international company at the same time.

úprava 2
úprava 1

Realization: 2019
Category: Events

Awards Ceremony took place in O2 arena in Prague at the end of August. Event was associated with a rich program, that was divided into two days and was intended for the best 1500 employees.

Opening meeting was organized at Hilton Prague hotel on Friday, which we also technically provided.  At the same time, we prepared everything for the Saturday gala evening in O2 arenaAV MEDIA EVENTS provided two parallel events from its own resources using subcontractors for decoration, cameras and rigging.

On Saturday, the unique evening started after an all-day rehearsing. Why was the evening unique? Sports events and concerts are usual in O2 arena. But during that day, gala evening with festive dinner was held at this place. During the dinner guests could see awards ceremony and performers on atypical stage, which was placed directly under the LED cube screen and where current action were projected.

 After the dinner and ceremony, the scene was quickly rebuilt into a club for the final music party with DJ. We created hanging U-shaped fabric strip for improvement festive effect and to separate the club scene. Strip measured 95 m in length and 5 m in height, and it had to meet the strictest conditions of flammability.

Used equipment in Hilton Prague:


  • Cube screen 4x projector Panasonic DZ13
  • Processor BarcoS3


  • L’Acoustics - 16x KIVA, 6x KILO, 2x KIBU, 6xSB18, 2x LA4, 2x LA8, 2x108P, 4x 5XT
  • SoundcraftVi1
  • Wireless digital microphones SHURE ULXD - 12x


  • ROBE ROBIN 600 LED WASH /W - 16x
  • ROBE MMX SPOT /W - 2x
  • ETC Source Four ZOOM - 16x
Used equipment in O2 arena:


  • L-Acoustics K2 - 24x
  • L-Acoustics KS 28 - 12x
  • Yamaha QL5
  • RIO3224 - 2x
  • Wireless digital microphones SHURE ULXD - 24x
  • Green Go communication


  • Robin MMX Spot – 4x
  • Robe Spider – 8x
  • Robin LEDWash 1200 – 18x
  • Robe BMFL Blade – 12x
  • Robin 600 beam – 8x
  • Robe Mega Pointe – 8x
  • Robin Pointe – 12x
  • Robin LedWash 600 – 22x
  • Robin Strobe - 8x
  • GMA light


  • Cube screen Barco 
  • Image processor Barco S3


  • Atypical stage (baletizol) - according to the client´s specification
  • Fabric U-shaped strip (material mesh) - 2x 35 m + 1x 25 m in the middle, height 5 m

Photo: Stanislav Milata

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