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Design hotel in landscape park

The recently redeveloped Jezerka Congress Hotel is set into the picturesque landscape of Iron Mountains. Its congress centre provides leading edge AV technologies.


Designový hotel v CHKO

Realization: 2014
Category: Hotels

The Jezerka hotel is set into the beautiful natural environment of Iron Mountains (Železné hory). To attract both private and business customers, this congress hotel needed leading edge equipment for its conference areas. The redevelopment of hotel facilities required, among other investments, a newly constructed congress centre with a main hall including a gallery accommodating up to 280 people.

AV MEDIA equipped not only congress areas, but also lounges and common areas of the Jezerka hotel. Available are the Congress Hall, the Great Hall, the Small Hall and four adjacent lounges. Plasma displays within the hotel can show the presentations from the congress areas. They can be used as a navigation system and also for the purpose of hotel’s advertising. These outputs can also be broadcasted to rooms, restaurant or bar.

The Great Hall (accommodating 127 people) and the Small Hall (up to 94 people) is provided with a darkening system, front projection and professional sound. Thanks to this, the area can be used not only for training sessions, but also for presentations based on multimedia applications. The visitors can use a powered screen, a data projector, a plasma screen for viewing the activity in the hall, a CUE control system, an interactive SMART board and other AV technologies.

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