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Customized AV equipment

The OREA Vital Hotel Sklář in Harrachov opts for a contemporary solution offering the use of conference areas for a wide range of events.


Hotel Sklář

Realization: 2014
Category: Hotels

Our support for the Sklář hotel started by our simple assessment of an original project proposed approximately a year before implementation. The task of AV MEDIA was to assess the project and the budgeted costs. The discussions with the client revealed that their ideas about the future use of the planned conference centre changed and expanded, with the emphasis on variability and interactivity of selected areas. With regard to this fact, we began to review the overall project in order to create a modern solution providing for the use of conference areas for a wide range of intended events.

At the very beginning, operating scenarios needed to be established, based on which the composition of AV technologies could be specified. According to a more detailed specification, we prepared a project respecting the defined requirements and the scenarios for the future utilization of the conference centre. Subsequently, we presented our solution to the client, then the project was implemented.

The mobile partitions allow for creating a large space or up to four separate rooms of different sizes. We needed to select an appropriate combination of audiovisual equipment in order to visualize various PC and video signals and thus adjust the lighting and darkening of required areas. Each separate area includes a control system touch panel with Czech and English layouts and individual scenarios, according to which the equipment is automatically adjusted. Every room contains enough connection points and the technology installed is sized to direct needs of users.

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