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Information system in Marriot hotel

The redevelopment of the Prague’s Marriot hotel included a delivery of AV technologies. The navigation and information system informs the visitors.

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Marriott Hotel Praha

Realization: 2014
Category: Hotels

At the beginning of 2009, the rental department of AV MEDIA established a close collaboration with the Marriott hotel. Thanks to a consistent adherence to the defined rules for technical procedures and a professional approach by the sales representatives and engineers of the rental department, the collaboration with the hotel could successfully expand. The hotel refurbished its areas, which needed to be equipped with appropriately selected top quality AV technologies. The project was granted to AV MEDIA familiar with the needs of the Marriott hotel and proposing a suitable solution.
The objective of such integration consisted in creating a navigation and information system, which would clearly navigate the guests within the hotel premises and provide them with comprehensive and up to date information on projects and events taking place at the hotel. The principal technological elements are two information “totems” informing the hotel visitors and basically navigating along the way from the hotel lobby to the gallery, where the main meeting and conference areas are situated.

Near individual halls, the function of “totems” is taken over by information panels specifically displaying the current activities in the particular hall. The overall technology works as a design element within the interior, which was one of our main objectives and a major challenge. The result is a top technological solution, the visual form of which, however, has no impact on the “classical” perception of a hotel environment.

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