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Agreeable atmosphere of Vista hotel

The new Vista Wellness Hotel invites by its pleasant atmosphere in the middle of a ski centre. Its modern AV technologies make hotel guests satisfied.

Wellness hotel Vista logo

Wellness hotel Vista

Realization: 2014
Category: Hotels

The Vista hotel facilities are equipped with contemporary integrated sound systems. A relaxing music accompanies hotel guests along the corridors, in elevators, as well as in individual common areas, creating an agreeable atmosphere and a feeling of ease. The design of speakers merges with the modern hotel environment, and thanks to their quality the music spreads evenly along the overall facility. The speakers are intended for continuous operation, so they can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Every hotel room is equipped with an LCD screen enabling the visitors to review the reservation opportunities of individual common, sports or relaxation areas, or watch TV broadcasting. 160 TV sets are installed within the overall premises, interconnected predominantly based on an IP TV system. Bartenders or reception personnel are fully trained to create an unforgettable atmosphere assisted by AV technologies.

The hotel contains completely equipped conference areas, in which any type of conferences supported by AV technologies can be organized. Having fulfilled their tasks, the guests can relax in a spacious wellness centre. Available is also bowling, billiard, golf simulator or fitness area. Evening hours can be spent at the Mulda bar connected with a dance floor. The bar is equipped with a quality integrated sound system. Thanks to installed modern AV technologies for the DJ panel, a unique dance and lightning show can be created.

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