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Česká Koruna Hotel in Děčín

The Česká Koruna Hotel is situated in a direct vicinity of the Děčín castle. The locality is perfect for an active holiday in the region of Czech-Saxon Switzerland.

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Hotel Česká Koruna v Děčíně

Realization: 2014
Category: Hotels

The guest of the Česká Koruna Hotel in Děčín can look forward not only to the beauties of nature, but also to an excellent technical equipment in the hotel. Every room has its TV screen with LED backlighting and a FULL HD resolution designed for easy operation.

The hotel TV system can convince gusts when deciding for a particular hotel. That is why the Česká Krouna Hotel asked AV MEDIA to install quality TV sets with a 56 cm diagonal. The accompanying sound is provided by basic speakers, the TV sets have a simple design corresponding to the hotel interiors.

The hotel TV set is appropriate for use both in rooms and suites. The screen LED technology has excellent performance parameters and its is highly cost saving. The guests receive an excellent experience when watching the hotel TV thanks to a very good colour rendering. The TV set is connected to the Lynk REACH information system, which can be centrally administered. Lynk REACH provides the guests with important information about the hotel and other services by means of the TV screens.

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