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Newly erected family house in Oleško

The family house in Oleško is based on the intelligent home concept. It is equipped with the most recent technologies making the life of the family easier.


Novostavba rodinného domu Oleško

Realization: 2014
Category: Households

The investor’s intention was to create a quality though affordable home for a family with four members with an emphasis on economical operation and technical equipment. From the very beginning, attention was paid to the selection of appropriate technologies, which would bring the family the required comfort of living and a sustainable operation. The solution was found in the HOME4Life smart living concept provided by AV MEDIA.

From the architectural point of view, the house does not deviate from the current trends of turnkey constructions. However, when having a more careful look into its interior, we find out that it is equipped with the most recent technologies. The electrical installation is not routed in a standard way between a switch and a luminaire, but rather following a modern digital method with a data cable connected to the switch and the luminaire or appliance activated by an electronic unit in the distribution cabinet. A solar set and a hearth stove provide for heating. They are backed up by an electrical boiler. In each room, a thermostat maintains the right temperature, being connected to motive heads, which automatically control the delivery of heat according to the required temperature.

When leaving for holiday, the owner can use a single button to convert the entire house to a saving mode, which contributes to a reduction of operating costs. “What I value most is that the technologies serve us rather than vice versa,” says the investor and adds: “Though we have the home operation installed in a tablet, any family member can use common control elements such as thermostats or switches. Another pleasant feature is remote access, so that when on vacation, I can connect to my house and review the status of our security or camera system even from my mobile phone.”

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