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Family home in Cholupice

The family house is equipped with quality AV technologies that can be intuitively operated using a single panel. The clever home is extremely safe for its users.

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Rodinný dům Cholupice

Realization: 2009
Category: Households

The project was intended to integrate all the technologies into a single intelligent system with a comprehensible graphical interface to be managed by any user of any age and any technical skills. From anywhere, by means of a single panel, you can use your intuition and simple touches to monitor, control and operate your overall home, such as lights, appliances, blinds, music, temperatures in your sauna, etc.

At any moment, you are informed about a safe operation of your household. This is provided by an alarm system, fire sensors, camera system or infrared barriers detecting your children when approaching the swimming pool. The house owner can receive any information on extraordinary events via SMS. The home is also friendly to natural environment and energy. A group of luminaires can be controlled by a single switch, colour tones of lighting can be adjusted. Lights go automatically off if a room is empty for a certain time. Power consumption monitoring and a meteo station are also available.

Besides security and power saving, the house also offers wide entertainment opportunities. From any place within your home, you can access all family photos, recordings, music, movies, internet, computer games, electronic mail. You can receive radio, television, digital and satellite broadcasting. By a touch of a button, you can play back a movie, dim the lights, close the blinds or start projection.

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