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Internet in Public Administration and Self-Governance 2015

The 18th annual Internet in Public Administration and Self-Government (ISSS) took place at the Aldis congress centre in Hradec Králové at the beginning of April.


ISSS has ranked among the biggest events in public administration and self-governance. AV MEDIA was a technological partner of the conference, but was also an exhibitor of AV solutions.

The ISSS conference has already been linked to the international conference of representatives of public administration in the Visegrád region, V4DIS, for the twelfth time, a course which has proven to be very good in the past. This prestigious event could not be missed this year as well, not only by representatives of national authorities, ministers, deputies, union leaders, regional presidents, mayors and secretaries, but also professional and business managers from the business sector, particularly from the fields of information and communication technologies.

More than two hundred lectures, presentations and discussions focusing on not only the assessment of the current sate of e-government and plans for the near future, but also public investment in ICT, cyber-security, the expansion of internet infrastructure, electronic health care and a whole range of other areas related to the use of modern technologies in public administration.

AV MEDIA became the technological partner of the conference while simultaneously presenting projects and trends from the fields of tourism and the tourism industry, health care, modern open offices and integrated safety services. For the main presentation we suggested an appropriate set-up with a wide-angle projection complimented by large plasma televisions and low-key ambient-lit scenes. We also participated in delivering technology for other partners of the conference for use in their stands.


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