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COOK MEDICAL- Tambourines at Boscolo

The Williams Cook Medical International Management Conference took place in the middle of January at the Boscolo hotel in Prague.


Realization: 2014
Category: Servicing - archive, Events

Approach to our partners and solutions to unconventional requirements

One of the values of the corporate culture of AV MEDIA is partnership. An example of such cooperation was at the beginning of January with the manufacturer of medical needs, Williams Cook Medical. The reference came from Boscolo, a hotel in Prague, with a request to ensure the main part of their conference.

In co-operation with events department at the hotel, the installation took place without significant complications, despite some "on-site” spontaneous requests from the clients.  The client really tested our enormous capacity for flexibility in a quite untraditional way, as evidenced by the one-day rental of three tambourines. Thanks go out to the Nomads of Prague, who went beyond the call of duty with a fire show.

The result of the partnership by all participating parties was a very pleased customer, as shown by the maximum number of points given in the customer satisfaction evaluation.

AV MEDIA’s technical equipment

For the opening of the conference, AV MEDIA provided a projection, plasma display and ensured the sound system and lighting, including the intelligent ROBE MMX SPOT light. The corporate logo COOK MEDICAL was projected on the wall using a Gobo projection.

LED SLS light and the intelligent lighting by ROBE ColorSpot lit the evening part of the conference held in the Opera Hall in the conference section.

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