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Our team of top professionals provides for installation of the delivered equipment. Our clients highly value their friendly attitude, technical knowledge, flexile approach, professional project management and adherence to schedule.

We have years of experience with installing audiovisual technologies. We readily cope not only with a simple connection of interactive rooms, but also with commissioning of equipment in tens of interconnected auditoriums or large halls with a direction desk, for example at university campuses, or a videoconference interconnection between offices of multinational companies or elements of the Integrated Rescue System. We are ready to set up the most demanding technologies so as to make their control intuitive for our clients.
Many of our personnel are internationally certified specialists (CTS). We are very particular about the precision of installation, a 100% functionality of any system handed over by us is a matter of course. To make our customers fully satisfied, we always demonstrate the function of the installed equipment and train them appropriately.

There is no obstacle we could not overcome. We most appreciate the useful value for our customers and their enjoyment with the technology. Comments of our convinced clients speak for themselves: “Many thanks once more to your technicians who installed our interactive classroom on Friday. They arrived on time, installed the equipment, made the cleaning, and showed us everything. Today, we are already using the classroom for teaching. Thank you and have a nice day.”

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