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IT Support for Events

AV MEDIA, the leading supplier of technological services for conferences, has decided to enter the world of IT support for events.

Thanks to our wide portfolio of comprehensive AV/IT solutions, we provide a smooth flow for the entire event. Our team of experts will ensure high-quality efficient solutions, preventing many unexpected situations. In terms of IT support for events, we can provide everything from arranging the data connection including the infrastructure, effective communication for organizers, current information for the participants including their connection, to interesting digital content with interactive elements.

Data connection and infrastructure

A. arranging a data connection to the venue site 

We can connect any space to the Internet using our proven and reliable partners. With the help of today’s modern technology, we can arrange your Internet connection even in places where infrastructure is non-standard. If it is really impossible to connect the site to the Internet, we know how to simulate the Internet environment and dispatch information from the local server. 

b. connecting users and setting the required functionality of the network 

Using large-capacity wireless access points or cables distributing the data connection throughout event venue exactly according to customer demands. This infrastructure is stable, safe, and it is possible to set up several independent circuits, which can be assigned different options for data connection. Sponsors and partners can offer advertising space that will be seen by each participant who is connected. Thanks to the unified infrastructure, we can oversee the quality of the connections and obtain statistical data and evaluate participant connections. We are also able to connect special requests such as video conferencing or streaming. 

Applications for supporting the organizers 

a. User registration, including ensuring communication prior to the event 

We offer comprehensive communication with your event participants from the very beginning. We can create graphically attractive, well-arranged content on a microsite quickly and easily, providing information about the event and motivating participation. Part of the site can include an easy to understand registration form, through which the participants can register. Do not forget to support the distribution of electronic invitations for your event, which we will create and send to the database of invited participants who can then easily register through the microsite. Thanks to this, you can follow the number of registered participants on-line and stop registration in case of full capacity. After the event, the microsite can be used for providing feedback and sharing photographs, videos or presentations for downloading.

b. Electronic tickets and QR codes

Take advantage of modern forms of communication with participants at your events by trying electronic tickets, which can greatly speed up registration. Together with the conformation of the registration, we will send participants an email with a PDF attachment for printing and a PassBook attachment for tickets on mobile phones. If a participant forgets to bring their ticket it does not matter, as it is very easy to print it out on the spot. Thanks to this electronic ticket, you can engage participants in various activities with personal identification (a competition, auctions, VIP sections and much more). At the same time, you can monitor on-line how many people have already arrived, whether specific participant have arrived or how many participants are involved in the various activities.

c. Standardization and distribution of presentations in lecture halls 

During large conferences taking place in several halls, you will certainly appreciate the system for the administrating and preparing presentations (Presentation Management System). This is a unique network solution for distributing presentations. The main advantage of this system is smooth running of conferences without queues while technically directing the conference halls. It presents the possibility to control presentations in a calm environment assigned for this purpose and if need be, provide nearby technical support suited exactly for this purpose. A bonus of this solution are the reduced costs of technical support. Presentations in conferences halls can be easily operated by a chairman in individual sections directly from the display at the lectern.

d. Managing information boards and a E-posters 

Do you need to keep conference participants “in the picture”, displaying the conference programme, reminding participants of important information related to the conference? Displays and screens can be used placed around the conferences premises. Participants will not be lost by using information panels and E-posters, on which they can easily find the information they need. E-posters are an ideal device for displaying individual spatial sections in electronic form. They can also be used to promote your sponsors or partner events.

Application for involving participants (mobile application)

See more  Participant involvement

Digital content and interaction

a. Transmitting images, editing and recording

In today’s day and age, cameras have become commonplace at events. Broadcasting or recording events are standard communication channels nowadays. One camera is often not enough, which is why we offer more than one camera recording the event with subsequent image processing for projecting or recording for further adaption. We also offer even additional editing of recorded broadcasts, or so-called post-production in our editing studio. 

b. Animation and jingles 

We design and technologically provide animation and video and for non-standard resolutions and various objects. Audio jingles, which accompany them, are an integral part of the video presentation we design.

c. Video conferencing and streaming

Video conferences save time spent on the road, as well as travel expenses and the environment. Keep in visual contact with your business partners or congress participants without having to commute! For instance, you can appreciate a presentation by foreign specialists at their event via video conferencing, which you otherwise would not have the time to visit in person. Video conferencing equipment is simply installed as in the convention hall, as well with the other “contributors”, and all participants are connected both audibly and visually. They can communicate with each other while being able to see each other, with the opportunity not only for discussions, but also to share PowerPoint presentations, images and other documents or applications, irrespective of the distance.

Streaming enables conferences and lectures in real time, but also other events with an unlimited number of spectators on the Internet or an intranet. It is also possible to limit the broadcasting to only authorised users. During a video transmission, you can take advantage of the interactivity of the Web, offering related information or advertising on other web pages, offer viewers related information or advertising. Thanks to detailed statistics on web traffic, it is possible to evaluate the interest of the users. Streaming can be used for a direct feed (a live webcast) of all sorts of events, or a later broadcast of the recording, which can be expanded by synchronization with PowerPoint presentations.

d. Interactivity

Entertain your guests with technology! Prepare interactive games for them, which will give them a lasting memory of untraditional entertainment, or a unique gift to take home with them. We offer fun interactive technologies such as the photo backdrop with an interactive choice of backdrop, an interactive bar, a laser maze, a digital graffiti wall, a multi-touch table, touch screens or a LED underlit floor and more. 

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