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Technical AV production

You need an advice with technical AV production? You do not know which technical solution is the right one for your contents and your particular space? Specialists from AV MEDIA will tell you.

Our task is to be a partner and specialised supervisor when the creative line of your event is being planned. Regarding technical AV production, we will suggest the right solution considering the specific space and your requirements. We will provide for comprehensive deliveries from subcontractors and watch over the time schedule.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the production is associated with other areas of the event. Wi-Fi should be provided, as well as a sufficient power supply, the height of all the pieces of equipment and various points of view should be coordinated. Space required for catering should be secured, as well as that for storage of empty equipment cases. Our project managers will consider all these aspects and suggest the scene appropriately for the particular space. The emphasis is laid on avoiding potential pitfalls not only from the technical perspective, but also from that of the participants, so that they leave your event with a flawless impression.

We listen to your needs and are ready to quickly suggest uncommon solutions in order to make your event distinct. With our consulting approach, we always look for the most efficient response minimizing your costs. Let our comprehensive services convince you as well!

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