9 Screening Halls with a Total Capacity of 1,367 Seats



The Mall Athens Owned by Village Cinemas in Greece


CineStar na Černém Mostě přináší návštěvníkům dokonalý zvuk s Dolby Atmos

Adrenalin, vzrušení, napětí, touha, vášeň, to je Dolby Atmos


CineStar na Smíchově

CineStar je čtvrtým kinem, ve kterém jsme realizovali unikátní zvukový systém Dolby Atmos


Zvuková revoluce s Dolby Atmos v Premiere Cinemas

Premiere Cinemas v Hostivaři a Olomouci přináší divákům zcela nový zážitek při sledování filmů


There are a total of 476 cinema halls complying with the DCI standard in the Czech Republic now. The next three hundred cinemas still wait to become digitalised, but since these are the smaller cinemas in minor towns and villages, we can expect that a majority of them fails to find enough money to this end. We estimate that 100 screening halls will undergo the digitalisation process. The digital technologies complying with the DCI standard enable showing the movie premieres both in multiplex movie theatres and in smaller cinemas with a single auditorium. What is more, new trends in technologies also appeal to a wider public than in the past. Apart from the premiere Czech and international 2D and 3D movies, contemporary cinemas can also show live 2D/3D brodcasts of opera or sports events or treat your senses with the 3D sound system. Better moviegoers´ experiences also result in the higher cinema attendance. 

  • Digitalisation of cinemas provided by AV MEDIA relies on a top professional quality. The company has a long tradition on the market and boasts of an excellent reputation. We have been the biggest Czech integrator of projection and presentation technologies for 25 years.
  • Up to the present, we have installed more than 290 auditoriums complying with the DCI standard across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, of which 103 can be found in single-screen cinemas. Together with you we will find the best solution for every cinema hall. We will be happy to advise you on how to equip a new cinema and how to upgrade an existing one with suitable projection and audio technologies, including seats, or we will help you with the complete renovation of the older movie theatre.
  • Digital technologies are part of the contemporary culture. New movies meeting the DCI standard are already made only for the digitalised cinemas which have the new certified digital projectors. Cinemas without digitalisation must therefore rely on older recordings only.
  • We cooperate with the best vendors and highest quality brands only (Christie, Barco, NEC, Sony, Doremi, Dolby, etc.), for whom we are a certified partner. We will always help you find the solution providing the maximum benefits and enjoyment for spectators at minimum required investments.


nezapomenutelný zážitek nejen z multiplexů


We always try to find the best solution meeting the needs of every individual customer. We offer partnerships aimed at ongoing development.

We provide comprehensive designing for audiovisual and presentation systems. A sound project documentation is a prerequisite for any successful solution.

Our team of top professionals provides for installation of the equipment. Our clients highly value their friendly attitude, technical knowledge, flexile approach and adherence to schedule.

You need essential skills or want to further develop or be inspired in using ICT tools? Then make your choice from a wide range of courses or accredited schemes managed by AV MEDIA’s lecturers.

If, for any reason, equipment delivered from us does not perform correctly, we will do our best to help you as fast as possible. We are here for you 7 days a week.

We offer rental and operation of our leading edge audiovisual/IT equipment for a broad range of events, from business training sessions, social events and trade fair expositions to entertaining shows.


Interactive SMART board brings new opportunities to teaching. It is integrated with a computer and touch-sensitive. Touch control of applications and entering text with digital ink make it easy.

Interactive LCDs are coming to the Czech classrooms. The main advantage over an interactive board or interactive projector is lower operating costs.

Interactive SMART Board displays are an interesting alternative to interactive boards. They are suitable for smaller areas, while SMART Podium displays are more appropriate for larger rooms.

A data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. Data projector should be applied when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCDs.

Data projector is a device visualizing a signal from computer or another source on a projection screen. It should be used when a larger image is required than the diagonal of LCD monitors.

Projectors for cinemas based on the DCI standard are specialized projection systems intended for projection of premiere Hollywood and Czech 2D and 3D movies.

Document cameras read any 3D object or text and then use a projector or display to visualize it for a group of people.

Virtual Reality for Schools ClassVR is a breakthrough teaching system designed specifically for school learning that uses both virtual and augmented reality.

Videoconference is a sound and image communication between two or more parties with possible sharing of presented data. It is generally used by companies and universities.

Control systems provide for an easy and intuitive control of installed AV equipment and other technologies within a room or building.

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